During my Boy Scout days, I learned that being prepared is a great skill to acquire. This definitely applies to being a wedding photographer. Not only do we need to take great photos, but we need to be prepared for everything.

One thing every photographer should have is an emergency kit at their disposal. Think about storage and weight so as not to weigh you down on shooting days. It also needs to be easily accessible, so it’s with you at all times. I limit my kit to the following items that can fit in a small ziploc bag:

  • small sewing kit. (you can find these in amenities at hotels)
  • stain stick
  • baby wipes
  • granola bar
  • sunscreen
  • bug spray

If your clients are looking for any of these and you can provide them, you’ll be a hero! Remember to replenish these items when you use them! What do you have in your emergency kit?

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